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Encouragement generally is a poem in which the poet tell his friends something like "let's have fun now because in heaven there is no beer" OK, yes, I paraphrased that from a polka.

The best giver of carpe diem advice, by the way is probably a toss-up between Henley and Houseman and Herrick. Visiors: WebCounter Subject Index. Poets: A B. Title Index. First Line Index. The Other Pages. However, after his reading of Shelley he is said to have briefly become an atheist.

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However, many have dismissed the usefulness of these works at discovering Browning's own religious views due to the consistent use of dramatic monologue which regularly expresses hypothetical views which cannot be ascribed to the author himself. Now, don't, sir! Don't expose me!

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Just this once! All, except this last accident, was truth— This little kind of slip! Browning believed spiritualism to be fraud, and proved one of Daniel Dunglas Home 's most adamant critics. To make the deception worse, Browning had never lost a son in infancy. He stood and watched the cobbler at his trade, The man who slices lemons into drink, The coffee-roaster's brazier , and the boys That volunteer to help him turn its winch.

He glanced o'er books on stalls with half an eye, And fly-leaf ballads on the vendor's string, And broad-edge bold-print posters by the wall. He took such cognizance of men and things, If any beat a horse, you felt he saw; If any cursed a woman, he took note; Yet stared at nobody—you stared at him, And found, less to your pleasure than surprise, He seemed to know you and expect as much. In Florence, probably from early in , Browning worked on the poems that eventually comprised his two-volume Men and Women , for which he is now well known, [15] although in , when they were published, they made relatively little impact.

In , Elizabeth died in Florence. Among those whom he found consoling in that period [ vague ] was the novelist and poet Isa Blagden , with whom he and his wife had a voluminous correspondence. They made their home in 17 Warwick Crescent , Maida Vale. It was only when he became part of the London literary scene—albeit while paying frequent visits to Italy though never again to Florence —that his reputation started to take off.

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In , after five years work he completed and published the long blank-verse poem The Ring and the Book. Based on a convoluted murder-case from s Rome, the poem is composed of 12 books: essentially 10 lengthy dramatic monologues narrated by various characters in the story, showing their individual perspectives on events, bookended by an introduction and conclusion by Browning himself. Long even by Browning's standards over twenty-thousand lines , The Ring and the Book was his most ambitious project and is arguably his greatest work; it has been called a tour de force of dramatic poetry.

In the remaining years of his life Browning travelled extensively.

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After a series of long poems published in the early s, of which Balaustion's Adventure and Red Cotton Night-Cap Country were the best-received, [31] the volume Pacchiarotto, and How He Worked in Distemper included an attack against Browning's critics, especially Alfred Austin , who was later to become Poet Laureate. According to some reports Browning became romantically involved with Louisa Caroline Stewart-Mackenzie , Lady Ashburton, but he refused her proposal of marriage, and did not remarry.

In , he revisited Italy for the first time in the seventeen years since Elizabeth's death, and returned there on several further occasions. It finally presented the poet speaking in his own voice, engaging in a series of dialogues with long-forgotten figures of literary, artistic, and philosophic history. The Victorian public was baffled by this, and Browning returned to the brief, concise lyric for his last volume, Asolando , published on the day of his death.

Browning died at his son's home Ca' Rezzonico in Venice on 12 December During his life Browning was awarded many distinctions. He was made LL. But he turned down anything that involved public speaking. At a dinner party on 7 April , at the home of Browning's friend the artist Rudolf Lehmann , an Edison cylinder phonograph recording was made on a white wax cylinder by Edison 's British representative, George Gouraud.

In the recording, which still exists, Browning recites part of How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix and can be heard apologising when he forgets the words. Browning's admirers have tended to temper their praise with reservations about the length and difficulty of his most ambitious poems, particularly Sordello and, to a lesser extent, The Ring and the Book. Byatt 's Possession refer directly to Browning's work. His abortive dinner-party recital of How They Brought The Good News was recorded on an Edison wax cylinder , and is believed to be the oldest surviving recording made in the United Kingdom of a notable person.

His critical reputation rests mainly on his dramatic monologues , in which the words not only convey setting and action but reveal the speaker's character. In a Browning monologue, unlike a soliloquy , the meaning is not what the speaker voluntarily reveals but what he inadvertently gives away, usually while rationalising past actions or special pleading his case to a silent auditor. These monologues have been influential, and today the best of them are often treated by teachers and lecturers as paradigm cases of the monologue form. One such example used by teachers today is his satirization of the sadistic attitude in his Soliloquy in a Spanish Cloister.

Eliot "all learned from Browning's exploration of the possibilities of dramatic poetry and of colloquial idiom". If Shakespeare could sing with myriad lips, Browning could stammer through a thousand mouths. And as what will he be remembered? As a poet? Ah, not as a poet! He will be remembered as a writer of fiction, as the most supreme writer of fiction, it may be, that we have ever had. His sense of dramatic situation was unrivalled, and, if he could not answer his own problems, he could at least put problems forth, and what more should an artist do?

Considered from the point of view of a creator of character he ranks next to him who made Hamlet. Had he been articulate, he might have sat beside him. The only man who can touch the hem of his garment is George Meredith. Meredith is a prose Browning, and so is Browning.

He used poetry as a medium for writing in prose. Probably the most adulatory judgment of Browning by a modern critic comes from Harold Bloom : "Browning is the most considerable poet in English since the major Romantics, surpassing his great contemporary rival Tennyson and the principal twentieth-century poets, including even Yeats , Hardy , and Wallace Stevens.

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But Browning is a very difficult poet, notoriously badly served by criticism , and ill-served also by his own accounts of what he was doing as a poet. His work has nevertheless had many detractors, and most of his voluminous output is not widely read. In a largely hostile essay Anthony Burgess wrote: "We all want to like Browning, but we find it very hard. The latter expressed his views in the essay "The Poetry of Barbarism," which attacks Browning and Walt Whitman for what he regarded as their embrace of irrationality. In American modernist composer Charles Ives created the Robert Browning Overture, a dense and darkly dramatic piece with gloomy overtones reminiscent of the Second Viennese School.

It was a success and brought popular fame to the couple in the United States. The role of Elizabeth became a signature role for the actress Katharine Cornell. It was twice adapted into film. It was also the basis of the stage musical Robert and Elizabeth , with music by Ron Grainer and book and lyrics by Ronald Millar. In The Browning Version Terence Rattigan 's play or one of several film adaptations , a pupil makes a parting present to his teacher of an inscribed copy of Browning's translation of the Agamemnon.

Emily Sellwood m. Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson Hon. Lionel Tennyson. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. British Listed Buildings Online. Retrieved 5 November Mail on Sunday. Queers in History ed. Quistory Publishers. Oxford University Press.

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