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The IPA is not intended to prevent access to, or amendment of, documents under other laws or administrative schemes. The information that QTC collects, keeps and uses may include:.

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QTC collects and keeps information about job applicants for the purposes of considering their suitability as employees of QTC. Information collected includes CV details such as:. This information may be provided to employee screening agencies for the purposes of employment screening. QTC collects personal information about past, present and potential contractors, secondees and external service providers or their employees.

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It is also used to manage conflicts between personal interests and performance of duties. This information may include:. The information that QTC collects may include:. Some of this information may be included in the annual reports and returns of QTC or of the relevant entity where this is required by law, accounting standards or is standard business practice.

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QTC also assists a number of organisations with administrative and company secretarial services. QTC may collect and use similar types of information about officers and employees of these companies for the purposes of providing these services. QTC collects, keeps and uses personal information about the holders of Bonds and Notes in order to manage those Bonds and to satisfy its obligations under the Queensland Treasury Corporation Act and the Regulation.

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From time to time, personal information is collected about investors. This personal information may include:. A holder of Queensland Bonds is entitled to inspect their own ledger in the Register by paying the prescribed fee. QTC may disclose details of investments to the Department of Home Affairs where an investment in Queensland Bonds has been made to satisfy designated investment requirements for the purposes of migration applications made to the Department.

Its functions include the maintenance of the Register of Cooperative Housing Societies. QTC may collect, keep and use information about members and directors of the Cooperative Housing Societies for the purposes of carrying out its prudential duties as delegate of the Registrar under the Financial Intermediaries Act Personal information kept may include:.

Some parts of the Register of Cooperative Housing Societies are publicly searchable upon payment of a prescribed fee pursuant to section 22 of the Financial Intermediaries Act and Schedule 2 of the Financial Intermediaries Regulation QTC collects personal information about its clients, their employees and their office holders. The information collected by QTC may include:. This information is used for day-to-day work contact and management of services for the client, to provide information to the individuals about other services provided by QTC and to organise general marketing and client relationship activities with the individuals concerned.

QTC collects personal information from counterparties relating to financial markets transactions so that transactions can be verified and QTC can meet its obligations under agreements and the rules of the Australian Financial Markets Association, which require that all deals be on the record and able to be independently verified.

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A microfilm camera was purchased in and a microfilm storage vault was built. The use of microfilm provided access to heavily used records while preserving the original documents. Space was again an issue by and in a building at West End in Brisbane was acquired for use as remote storage. A new building was proposed and a site selected at Runcorn. The current building at Runcorn was built in Officially opened in , it was nominated for an architectural award and as a finalist received a commendation.

Continuing growth in the amount of archival public records led to the construction of a new building adjacent and connected to the existing Queensland State Archives building. The expanded facility opened on 10 November , bringing the total floor area of Queensland State Archives to 23,m 2 and the total storage to approximately 90 linear kilometres.

The expansion includes additional repositories which will allow Queensland State Archives to store records transferred from more than Queensland public authorities for the next 10 to 15 years. The new Queensland State Archives building was designed to complement the appearance of the original building and to continue providing a secure, purpose-built environment that will aid in the long-term preservation of Queensland's documentary heritage. The expanded facility project features environmentally sustainable initiatives including water harvesting from roof areas and car park surfaces for re-use in irrigation; recycling of water from cooling tower operations and efficient air-conditioning services, incorporating a purpose-built three million litre chilled water tank for off-peak electricity.

Recycled or recyclable materials and fabrics were used in the construction, wherever possible. Information about the records held can be found using the Queensland State Archives database ArchivesSearch. This database contains details of records and other information about State and local government agencies.

Queensland State Archives also provides a reference service to remote users. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What personal information does QTC collect, store and use?

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