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He spent 1 yr in the Shu and i blame that for his worsened state. He was not like this when he went in and im worried its just only going to get worse if he goes back.. He was released from Victorville usp to Utah ccm. He was doing good but just woke up and freaked out. He is going to go through the disciplinary process most likely, but the BOP is not allowed to punish someone who did not have the proper mental state at the time.

The RRM denied due to him having an open case, he has already accepted a plea and they are giving him time served.

Compassionate release

Is there anyone I can talk to about this, he is in on a violation for the case that is still open. If there anyway we can fight this, since he will not have to do anymore time? Also the case manager at the prison told us we needed to move out his court dates until after is release date which has been done. He was given 6 months halfway house. All the paperwork is signed July 16th and everything is ready to go. Then my son is called into the office July 17th to be told his halfway house date has been changed to September.

Can that be done? What do I need to do? Help me please! My sister is set to go to Halfway house on August 16th I am wondering how long she will have to stay she already has a job waiting for her and a good place to stay is there anyway they will give her home confinement right away?? Please help anyone! It depends. But usually, even in the best case scenario, she will be at the halfway house for at least 3 weeks or so. The halfway house must approve the residence before she can go to home confinement.

What is the process of requesting home confinement? My husband who will be released in December was told he would have half way status on Aug 21 but then was transferred to another state 1st. He was told he would only be there for a few weeks until placed in half way house. Then recently was told there are too many people ahead of him and that he will probably not be going to halfway house. He followed all the protocols to be placed only to be moved away from family and then told no halfway house.

He is a nonviolent offender, has a family and a job waiting. Why was he given a date only to have it stripped away? Not fair at all.

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These are peoples lives they are tearing apart. Home confinement is typically sought after the prisoner arrives at the halfway house. And then paperwork must be sent to the Residential Reentry Manager who has the final say. There is also another program called the Federal Location Monitoring Program. In that program, the U. Probation Office supervises the prisoner on home confinement instead of the halfway house. But very few people are approved for this. Since he was told the he cannot go to halfway house, he should speak to his case manager about direct commitment to home confinement or the Federal Location Monitoring Program.

If we get married prior to his release, will they approve his request for placement with me?

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Yes, it happens reputinely for federal prisoners, particularly when they get close to the end of their sentences. You likely will not receive 6 months of halfway house.

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It is not guaranteed. If there is a caretaker available for your son, BOP might not give much consideration to that issue notwithstanding the seriousness of it. This is because BOP is largely uncompassionate on these matters. Hi, my husband is currently incarcerated in SC, however he is looking into having his counselors send him to GA or FL to do his halfway house time there. Once released, he would like to relocate to OH where I reside to do a home confinement. Will that be an issue? Will he have to stay in whatever state that he is in for the half way program?

Yes, that will be an issue. If he wants to do home confinement with you then he needs to release to OH. He cannot move around like that. Mr Sample, I am currently in a federal halfway house in south florida and have experienced racism and 2 incident reports were sanctioned to me based on staff dishonesty regarding my job. Is there any way i can fight back? Thank you for your time: I always appreciated your newsletters when i was away at camp! The system is very broken. Keep your head up and this will pass. Luckily and unluckily , halfway house placements are rather short.

Soon you will be home with family and away from those people. Preparing to self surrender for a 6 month sentence. No possibility of going directly to a halfway or home or Federal Location Monitoring Program? Is it at the BOPs discretion? If incarceration is mandatory, due to the short term, what could my possibilities be?

Many thanks in advance. My fiancee is being released in May-June of She was sentenced in Boise. She wants to release to MN, where I live and her case manager approved it. The Probation Officer denied her release to MN saying she needs to go back to Boise where her family is. He said she can talk to her case manager if she wants but he said his reason is she has no family here and she should go back to ID.

She has never wanted to go back to ID due to an ex husband and her co-defendants.

Is there anything else we can do? What you are talking about is a relocation request.


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Probation Officer will be looking at three factors: 1 Does the inmate have community ties e. A good way to approach this is put together a framework to be able to check off as many of these boxes as possible, and then to draft a document which plainly expresses this. If you would like to hire counsel to assist in this matter we stand ready to help. This is where you will find all national policies. According to his court appointed attorney, his release date should be November 1, We were trying to figure out a good time for him to start his paperwork for the halfway house or home confinement since he will only be getting a month for this.

He had a job when he went in, and his boss really likes him and his work so he is holding his job for him. Thank you for your help! I left Federal Prison camp in January to go to the halfway house. It seems rather silly that someone like me is sent to a halfway house as I have a home, 35 year stable marriage, a job, and have never been in trouble for anything. The halfway house director and staff are good people. They are not the problem. Probation has approved my home and even they are puzzled as to why I am still at the HH. It sure smells fishy. I am not rocking the boat since my sentence is completely up in March, but I am very frustrated by what appears to be disregard of the intent of halfway house versus home confinement eligibility and use.

Any advice? He has been given paperwork for halfway house in Columbia, SC on May 1, and a release date of May 29th.


Will he be able to move back to NC after his release date. We anout 95 miles feom hos halfway house.

Federal Prison "Halfway house stress"

Are there steps we can take to make his transition from Columbia to Charlotte smooth or will the halfway house assist him in finding employment? Right now we have been having trouble with the heat its been like this for over a week. Last night parts of the ceiling came down due to a leak it flood the floor with water and they have not done anything to fix it. The leak has been an issue for sometime now because before inspection they painted the ceiling tile. These conditions are inhumane. I dont want my name mentioned because they are in a position to make my life hell but i can live like this most of us girls are sick.

Its so cold in here I went to bed with 3 layers of clothes on. Please and thank you for your time. We are in the Grossman Center Brewer pl. Leavenworth KS. If a child is in custody and the mother gets released from jail to a half way house can she work a case plan even its still considered incarceration? Hi, my Husband parole was voilated, something really minor.