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Some have questioned how the embattled company, which was purchased by Time Inc in , could make such a blunder. We apologise for the inconvenience and suggest that you retain your backup copies. If you would like more information, please contact our data protection officer. But those sites managed to give enough warning for archivists to capture the heart of their communities for posterity. In , the Internet Archive launched a searchable collection of every GIF ever posted to Geocities , after mirroring the entire network in , shortly before it closed down.

At the weekend, a group of volunteers announced they were working to preserve Google Plus posts on the Internet Archive before the site closes in April. Topics Myspace. Internet Social networking news. Play episode Download. Miles has been helping his wife operate and grow their site, Ask-Angels. After the success of Ask-Angels—it continues to be successful—Miles decided to start a YouTube channel to share his advice on keyword research, SEO, Facebook ads, and much more for free, so that others could become successful entrepreneurs. To get in touch with Miles, you can check out his Youtube channel , visit his website , or search him on Facebook at Miles Beckler.

Spencer: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the Niche Pursuits Podcast. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to learn from website visitors with the goal of providing more personalized experiences that will improve on page experiences, which is session length, while also optimizing revenue and monetization on a per visitor basis.

This allows publishers to manage as much or as little as they want. Miles and I connected a couple of months ago and I was surprised to hear how much we have in common. Miles has been helping his wife operate and grow their site, ask-angels.

Long live raccoon tails.

After doing 90 videos in just 90 days, he started to see that he could build a great following and business on YouTube. Now, his channel has over , subscribers and is the main engine behind his personal brand. We dive into lots of YouTube tips and what his mindset is there.

In addition, we chat about his email list, which he also believes is core to his business and I agree. Is sending daily emails too much?

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We dive into why he sends daily emails and much more. If you want to follow along with Miles, you can find him on YouTube or go to milesbeckler. Hey, Miles. Welcome to the Niche Pursuits Podcast. Miles: Hey, Spencer. Thanks for having me on.

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Spencer: It is great to have you. We connected a little while ago privately. This should be great. You got a lot of tips to share. Before we dive into your business right now, what was your first online business? What were you doing before milesbeckler.

Samy Kamkar - The MySpace Worm

Miles: For my first one, we had to go back to when MySpace was the big social media network. I was working at the college radio station at a community college in California. My program director, another student, wanted me to help more with the station, but I always had to go to work. He showed me this little side hustle that was essentially direct-linking MySpace users to affiliate products. I started making a couple of grand a month. It worked for about a year-and-a-half until they sold the platform and they literally closed the loophole.

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They shut down my link, so then it just completely went to zero. That might have actually been the most important step in the whole process. But then, I really learned what I did wrong. From there, it took several years of trying different entrepreneurial endeavors before my wife and I collaborated on a website in the meditation and spirituality space and angels in We went all-in this time. It was all-in on valuable content to help others with a huge focus on growing an opt-in email list that we could run. That website is now about 10 years old.

Amazing amount of traffic, something like 33 million visitors over the history of that site. Then in , I started teaching what we did to grow that business as well for free on YouTube, kind of paying it forward. I had to learn it the hard way. So, I wanted to give back to the community and make sure the basics of how to build a funnel, how to do SEO, how to do keyword research are all out there on YouTube for free.

Now, we have a couple of different businesses going that we keep going at an aggressive pace. Spencer: Very cool. Your business right now then is the ask-angels. Those are the two main businesses, right? Miles: Correct. You probably understand. You brought this level of expertise of digital marketing to the world.

Your wife has her level of expertise in what she does. How do I start from zero? It actually takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of energy. I got a project manager. I got a team or writers who are going to be doing most of the work. There is the bootstrap approach to it, but I guess at this point, I am starting a third brand that is designed to show that I have a little more than affinity in this world. I know what these things are and I know enough to be dangerous. That could be totally lifestyle-changing for people and I want to document that process.

Spencer: I love it. Miles: First and foremost, everything has to have value for us, the creator. I have a bit of a background in real estate investing. In between that period in time when my social media marketing gig died and then my wife and I started this site, I started doing real estate investing. I was actually in the dorms of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. I started flipping houses with a group of investors and we flipped four houses. Our business is going great. I ran the numbers on some real estate investing as being a landlord.

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  • So, from that pure perspective, I have a thesis that I can deploy the same amount of money that I would deploy for essentially a downpayment on a rental property to an affiliate-based website. They are liquid assets. On the flip side, it really is to prove yet again that starting with an idea, with some core foundation, it is WordPress, keyword research, lots of content. It really is that simple and so many people just need to start. I just want to show the process again. That was what I really tried to do or not try.

    I started doing video updates every 30 days. I just started from nothing. Spencer: I completely understand. The site is not about 10 months old. Miles: I have to say, you have me feeling very helpful. Miles: It is. I have a total of roughly posts. I guess that would make it 16 on average. Pretty close to that. Miles: Great tip.

    MySpace Restrictions Upset Some Users

    I need to increase my volume of publishing, I believe. Spencer: Yeah and obviously, it can depend. Some posts can really take off. If you have fewer posts that are just longer, they can rank for a lot more keywords potentially.

    Myspace makes a comeback

    I may have glossed over how easy the strategy is. Just do your keyword research, put it up on WordPress, and write a ton of content. I understand. Miles: For sure. Getting that one pixel to move over a little bit.