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Black and White Cookies

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Hemstrought’s Half-Moon Cookie Recipe

It featured a chocolate cake bottom. Get that recipe here. Then frost with our better buttercream frosting! I loved it but just be careful! That frosting is hot if your hands get dripped on. Consider yourself warned. But to veganize that recipe just switch out the butter for vegan margarine.

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  • Hemstroughts Giant Chocolate Half Moon Cookies -
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Charity Event Holiday Party! Welcome, red meat allergy victims!

Update: Well the solar eclipse of may have passed but these half moon cookies will always stay relevent! So, how should we celebrate?

CNY's Best Half-moon Cookie: Revealing the winners

Delicious half moon cookies, also known as black and whites, that don't disappoint- whatever you call them! Prep Time 20 mins. Cook Time 12 mins. Total Time 32 mins. Course: Dessert. Cuisine: vegan. Servings: 15 4 inch cookies.

Black and White Cookies

How about a vanilla cookie with all-vanilla icing? We make those!

  • Happy Half Moon Cookies for the Solar Eclipse!.
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  • How to Make The Original Hemstrought Bakery Half-Moon Cookie!
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Or what about a chocolate moon with vanilla swirled frosting, or… a vanilla moon with chocolate swirled frosting? You guessed it — you can get one of those Half Moon cookie varieties at Holland Farms, too!


We can frost Half Moons to reflect your special occasion, too — just ask us! Want to share? Student away at school? Mom and Dad moved to Florida? Someone missing a taste of Utica?

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  • Utica NY’s Famous Half Moon Cookies.

From our Bakery to your table, wherever in the U.