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Moon saw the establishment of this Trinitarian union between the Heavenly Parent and earthly parents as the foundation for uniting spirit and flesh, heaven and earth. Until now, there has been a huge diremption between religion—the life of the spirit—and day-to-day life—life in the flesh. Although Christianity correctly places the root cause of this diremption at the Human Fall, Rev.

Moon discovered that the Fall disrupted the core experience by which the divine Parent and earthly parents were to become one in love. Did you ever think about meeting God there? Where else would you unite with Him? If the base on which the absolute God can settle and base for the ideal love that Adam and Eve desire are not the same base but two different ones, then there would be two different directions and purposes for love.

Is that not the place where our existence began? Men and women are born there. They did not come into being through kissing, did they? Therefore, would it not be desirable for the male and female sexual organs to unite absolutely? Do husbands and wives long to unite absolutely or moderately? What is invisible is vertical, and what is visible is horizontal. That is how the vertical Parent and the horizontal parents attain oneness.

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CSG Humankind lost the original ideal of sexuality, which was to be profound union with God. The resulting severing of spirit and flesh, mind and body, and God and the world has damaged the entire cosmos. Human beings who sought to climb out of that hell and return to God advocated purity in various ways. If they were Roman Catholics they practiced abstinence, and if they were Jews or Muslims they circumcised the male organ as a way to give its ownership to God.

Thus, Rev. It defines the goal of salvation as the restoration of the original wholeness of creation.

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And it declares that the starting-point for this wholeness is the original Trinity of God the vertical Parent with True Parents as horizontal parents. By establishing their union as the God-centered True Parents and securing that position on every level from family and tribe to the world and cosmos, Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han made it their mission to establish that Trinitarian starting-point. The salvation that arises from that starting-point requires that human beings be reborn as the direct children of God.

The rebirth they offer, through the Holy Marriage Blessing, enables couples joined in matrimony to become true parents and participate in that Trinity. For Blessed couples there is no essential impediment to God fully participating in their conjugal and family life. The Trinitarian union of God the vertical Parent and the human True Parents is also the basis for understanding Christology—the union of the divine and the human in True Parents. Since God has two genders, no individual of one gender can incarnate the full image of God.

go to site This means Jesus as the male Messiah is not the full incarnation of God, but can be only a partial incarnation. It takes True Parents as a couple to fully embody God in the flesh. In keeping with this, Rev. Accordingly, when Rev. This inaugurated one couple on earth as the True Parents; yet to fully manifest the divine image they had to reach the level of perfection where they could fully unite with God the vertical Parent. Since humankind had long since multiplied into millions of people on earth, Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han in their position as True Parents would need to reach the level of world-wide recognition and acceptance.

Moon worked to expand the scope of their work, first throughout Korea and then worldwide, going through what he termed the eight stages: individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos heaven and earth and God. Since this was a course for True Parents to walk together, Mother participated at each level; for example by making speaking tours to nations. Concurrently True Parents officiated at ever-larger Blessing ceremonies, including the Blessing of million couples on earth and Blessings of millions of couples in the spirit world.

In other words, their union as husband and wife on earth was now on a higher level—totally one with the incorporeal God who is sovereign over the universe. At that point, True Parents as man and woman stood in the central position to represent the incorporeal God on earth. In many of his late speeches Rev.

Yet it should be clear from the above that the basis of their embodiment is not a simplistic identity, as if Rev. Moon were made of some kind of divine substance, but rather oneness in heart and love, position and authority. It takes nothing away from their humanity. If so, then what kind of God do we see in True Parents?

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In this regard, the Korean language is helpful because it does not normally distinguish between singular and plural. The decision of singular and plural is an artifact of English, because when it comes to God we wish to maintain the divine unity. Nevertheless, the term bumo itself contains within it two positions: father and mother.

In sum, we have seen based on the teachings in the Cheon Seong Gyeong that God is essentially a being of dual genders who is manifest in creation as the True Parents. Its structural integrity depends on the fact that God is a being of dual genders having masculinity and femininity as the Heavenly Parent.

Moon began writing Wolli Wonbon at the end of April , just a few months after he arrived in Pusan following his escape from North Korea. According to an official history,. Around the end of April , during the six months while Rev. Moon was staying at Mr. One day Rev. Moon started writing Wolli Wonbon. Despite the historical importance of this work, to date it has not been published, either in Korean or in English.

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Difficulties in understanding its condensed and complex thought, as well as deciphering the script which in some places is faded and in other places covered with corrections, has made the publication of Wolli Wonbon a forbidding task. The Unification Theological Seminary library was able to obtain a photocopy of the original manuscript, written in Rev.

We also obtained a photocopy of the handwritten copy made by Won Pil Kim, but it is only pages long and is missing numerous sections. Efforts to transcribe and translate these manuscripts began in and are ongoing. It is evident that Wolli Wonbon is not merely an early draft Exposition of the Divine Principle but a far greater work.

Wolli Wonbon spends nearly twenty pages discussing universal prime energy, in contrast to Exposition which devotes only one paragraph to its description and less than a page to explaining its action. Then there are scientific topics, including evolution, gravitation, formation of the solar system, electricity and magnetism. There is no mention of God as having the dual characteristics of Internal Character sungsang and External Form hyungsang.

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That God is a being of dual genders is a major theme from the very outset. The God of gender made the creation to exhibit gender, thus:. God is the One Being, but exists with dual genders. This is the actual state of the cosmos, and it can be seen in the arising of all things everywhere.

This is evidence in natural law that all beings were set up by the Will of the Origin. When God created human beings, He expressed Himself by dividing His genders—male and female, or yang and yin. God created them this way to have them dwell in perfection through their give-and-receive action with each other. God wants human beings to have perfect love. For this reason, He gives each person an object partner of the opposite sex and wants to express His precious love to each person through their partner.

That is when God can finally bestow His infinite love upon human beings as He has purposed. God created human beings in order to realize His ideal of utmost love. That is why God, who exists as harmonious duality, manifested Himself by dividing His original form into male and female when He created human beings and all things. God divided His own genders because He wanted to realize His utmost love through them.

I am supposed to become a perfect object partner to God, and at the same time to fully accomplish the same with my partner of the opposite gender. When I do this in union with the Original Being, I move in an orbit with the positions of a trinity: God, my object partner and myself. This is what is meant by the duality-principle in the creation.