How do i find out someones forwarding address

Don't call the Postal Service because they cannot share this information with you.

Forwarding Requirements

Do this instead. Send Them a Letter To Their Old Address With Return Service In order for your past tenants to keep getting their mail, they need to put in a mail forwarding request through the postal service.

In the US, these yellow labels are added to the mail and then delivered as they normally would be. Instead of routing the letter to the tenant, it will be routed back to you with the new address on the label. If you do, there's a good chance the letter will be forwarded to the past tenant whom you're trying to get the forwarding address of. Use Public Information Records To Get the Data If it has been 30 days since a tenant moved, then there's a very good chance that their new address is going to be in the public record somewhere.

Some people get around this by utilizing a PO Box or an alternative address, but for the most part people like to have mail delivered to their home so they don't have to go into town every day.


How can you access these public records? You can actually do it for free through websites like Spokeo. Not only will these public records scrapers get data about current locations, but you'll also get access to their social media pages that can contain the information you need as well.

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Reverse phone lookups can work if you know someone's number already, while the White Pages is always a pretty good source if there is a landline involved with a tenant. Keep in mind that finding an address for a purpose other than business use as a landlord could be considered illegal.

Turn on automatic forwarding in Outlook on the web

With that in mind, if you need the address so you can finalize your contract with a tenant, then take these steps today and you'll be able to mail The Landlord Tenant Board: What it is and When it is Needed Many times, there are issues between a landlord and a tenant that need to be resolved but are failed to do so, because both parties have gone too far with their actions, and have retaliated in the How to Create a Residential Lease Agreement Where there is a landlord, there will also be a tenant, and it is no surprise that these two parties can only work together once there is some sort of agreement, contract or a binding deal in place Unpaid Rent When you talk about the most common disputes arising between landlords and tenants, nonpayment of rent has to be there in the list.

Landlord Inspection Checklist: Rights, Letters, and Reports Landlords across the state have the prime responsibility to make sure they inspect and up keep their property once they have rented it to the tenants. When to Withhold Tenant Security Deposit Asking for a security deposit is quite common in property dealings. How to Report Bad Tenants Bad tenants are the worst-case scenario for any landlord; no one wants them, and if someone has them, they want them out in any way possible.

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USPS Automated Mail Forwarding Procedures

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If you are a new utility customer or have a poor payment history, the utility company may need:. For more information on switching utility providers, contact your state's public utilities commission.