Female sex offenders pregnancy myspace posting

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Techie , 23 Jun am. Now the guy and his lawyer is blaming myspace for not protecting him from a minor lying about her age? Everyone already knows who is to blame for this is the mother for not being a good parent and being more involved in her daughters life. But I also blame the boy's parents as well for not raising their son to be respectful of others and to teach him it is NOT ok to sexually assault someone!

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  • He should be shot or at least castrated I'm tired of parents who are so involved in their own life and use a computer, tv, etc Also here is another tip for parents It takes two to tango. Everyone is at fault in this. If she is going to flaunt herself online to some guy, and both are misrepresenting themselves Why did she have to lie about her age too?

    Obviously there was more on her mind then just having a friendly meeting Lisa Foster , 23 Jun pm. I have been a computer professional for 24 years.

    Pregnant By A Sex Offender - The Steve Wilkos Show

    My 13 year old daughter has been completely locked out of myspace after she went online, submitted pictures and lied about her age. I offer free computer support to any parent who needs help locking their internet down. That said - MYspace is one of the most dangerous site there is. It should be either shut down or severely restricted. When I first heard what kind of site it is, before any of the hype, I knew it was dangerous.

    Unfortunately, most teenagers don't have parents with this knowledge. I have already found several of her friends profiles and alerted their parents. Laughing at Lisa Foster , 23 Jun pm. No lisa your kid is the most dangerous Anonymous Coward , 23 Jun pm. How fucking stupid are you? Myspace is dangerous? Nooooo, a nuke is dangerous.

    Myspace is a fucking website for people to post pictures and meet others. Just because some little whore screws an older guy doesnt mean it's "dangerous". Abortion should be law if your IQ doesnt reach a certain level. Tommy Holefiller , 24 Jun am. This guy shouldnt be punished if she is lying about her age. It is her parents fault for letting there minor child do whatever she wants.

    Law bans sex offenders from social networks, but which ones? :: lihinsutarap.ml

    And I am sure he is not the first over age guy she has slept with.. Myspace is not Dangerous Lisa, stupid children and stupid parents are Dangerous or just plain stupid people for that matter. Get educated, educate your children. Teach your children to protect themselves. Computers are the best things that could happen to kids.

    I wish I had one when I was a kid. I might not have been so bored. So wuite frankly that was a bad comment. Jeff , 23 Jun am. Do you really believe the guy sexually assaulted the girl? I'm pretty sure it was probably consensual sex and the girl's parents found out. Nothing more, nothing less. He lied, she lied. No one got hurt but her parent's pride and reputation.

    Ben , 23 Jun am. I'd have to agree that it was probably consentual from both parties but what it boils down to is if he knew her real age since if he knowingly had sex with a 14 year old girl then that is statitory rape. Ronde , 23 Jun am. Anonymous Coward , 23 Jun am. Raemir , 23 Jun am. Nomad91 , 23 Jun am. That's what the RIAA does.

    Creating a moral panic about social media didn’t protect teens—it left them vulnerable

    This is nothing more than frivilous litigation for personal gain. Both the girl's parents and the guy should be slapped with fines for slander. Both parties lied. They misrepresented themselves for weeks prior to the meeting and jumped at the chance to take their "relationship" to the next level. Unless the guy forced himself on the girl, he's not guilty of rape.

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    • The only thing we're seeing here is that the parents disapproved of their daughter having sex. Rather than keep it all private, they're trying to destroy the guy, Myspace and anyone else that they can. If the guy had to see the inside of a jail, the parents should be required to the same fate. What they're doing is wrong and the courts should dismiss the case. The media, on the other hand, just likes to stir the cauldron.

      Not to Intelligent, Naive, and not educated in protecting herself, Yes! There is a thing called Statutory Rape?

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      I will admit it is very easy for a 14yr old girl to look much older than she is, but men should be much smarter in exercing precaution in dating and make better judgement calls! Unless you want your next date to be Bubba in cell block 6!!! Know what I do when I see a post containing lots of caps and exclamation points?

      I skip right past. It's funny to see people get so emotional over something which they have no control and will never actually do anything about. Posting doesn't make the world a better place.


      Research Ethics in the MySpace Era

      If you want to make your opinion truly known, stay away from anonymous discussion forums. Because, really, all you are doing is wasting your time on irrelevance like I am doing right now. Actually "Will" I do and have done something about it, Smartass I am highly involved in my childs life and I do volunteer work teaching kids and parents about internet safety here in my local community schools for quiet sometime.

      You know I did not realize until reading your post, that I had skipped right it. Too funny. Rock Hardeman , 23 Jun am.

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      Bri , 23 Jun am. He didn't sexual assault her! But it WAS satitory rape It wasn't rape. I really don't think the guy is guilty for anything. Only the girl, being stupid and meeting up with a older "football player" in high school. Joe Blow , 23 Jun am. This is NOT a case where the poor little girl was raped or taken advantage of.

      They both lied to each other to get sex!!! As time went on, Danny started acting more and more bizarre.