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For a few dollars, I bought an address, and my heart stopped when Google Maps showed it was just blocks from the country club near where she'd grown up. Certain this had to be where Darcy lived, I reverse-searched the address for a phone number. Nervous now that actual contact seemed imminent, I was both frustrated and relieved when the number came up "unlisted.

And then I waited. After two weeks, I accepted that no answer would be coming. Choosing to believe that my letter had never reached Darcy, I faced up to the inevitable: I'd have to contact Jacob. Fifteen years ago, my search would have stopped there. While I did have a mailing address for him, a letter seemed too portentous, and I couldn't bear calling mutual friends to ask for his private number.

I could hear their speculations: Was Sarah still carrying a torch? Was her marriage in trouble? Brogan had mentioned that reconnectors now feel safer because they can make contact via computer, but I realized that the Internet conferred another benefit: No one else has to know about your search. After mere minutes of Googling, I had the timid reconnector's best friend: an e-mail address. I sent a breezy message winging Jacob's way — breezy because I'd worked to make it so.

After all, I was only writing to find Darcy. Wasn't I? The butterflies that rose in my stomach when Jacob's name popped up in my in-box moments later begged to differ: They had nothing to do with Darcy's necklace. How excellent to hear from you. Then he wrote that he'd like to hear more about my life and included his phone number.

And, just like that, the years disappeared and I was again the besotted young woman caroming from exhilaration to despair. The intensity of my reaction unnerved me. But what truly gave me pause was my impulse to hide the e-mails so that my husband wouldn't come across them. Disturbed, I phoned the leading expert in a field I never imagined would pertain to me: rekindled romance. Nancy Kalish, Ph. They didn't expect meeting again to pack such a wallop.

Now that looking for old flames is so easy and trendy, happy marriages are crumbling. Uneasily, I pooh-poohed the possibility that anyone's marriage was in danger. Some neuroscience research suggests that early loves are encoded in the brain, the same way cocaine addiction is.

Seeing that person again, talking on the phone, even e-mail triggers all those visceral memories of being young and in love. Do not call this man. Having glimpsed the dark side of reconnection, I decided not to call Jacob. But I did dare to e-mail him to ask if he knew anyone who was still in contact with Darcy — and to tell him that I would always be grateful to him for putting me on the path that eventually led me to the life I was meant to have.

He responded with an e-mail address for Andy, who had dated Darcy decades ago but might still be in touch. As I was sending Andy a message, an e-mail appeared care of my high school alumni association from Tami Szerlip. Just seeing that name triggered memories of a soft-spoken girl with soulful eyes and a braid as thick as my wrist. She had somehow slipped out of my life — but my aimless plea had brought her back.

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I zipped off a reply, and soon Tami and I were swapping stories. I discovered she lives on Mercer Island, near Seattle, where I'd soon be visiting to look at colleges with my son. We made a date, and a few weeks later, I entered the shop where Tami works. Its name? Behind shelves of luscious soaps, adorable teapots, and a pillow embroidered with the words, "Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget," I spotted Tami.

One look and I knew she was exactly the same person she had been when I first met her in junior high: kind, sensitive, artistic.

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That evening, over salmon caught and prepared by her husband, Rod, she and I fell back into a friendship that seemed never to have been interrupted, but felt deeper for the self-understanding we'd both gained over the years. We caught up on my son's college search, my writing, her two nearly grown daughters, her lifetime of work for equality in education, her painting.

It was the kind of communion reconnectors dream of — a celebration of our shared past, an affirmation of our future. When we parted, she gave me a softball-size bar of cucumber-scented soap, and the magic of our visit lingered with me all the way back to Austin. At home, I found a message from Andy, Jacob's friend, who hadn't seen Darcy in years. Sarah, last I saw Darling Darcy was in deep Brazilian bush. I miss her.

I have put out notices for her contact info. It will work in time. So my attempt at reuniting with Darcy, like my parting from her, remains But just like our European sojourn, the trip was filled with unexpected delights, disappointments, and dangers, as I suspect most reconnections are.

They were best friends, then pen pals — until one day, the letters stopped coming - Finding Fukue

For the first time in history, anyone can answer that most enticing of questions: "Whatever happened to? Perhaps gathering up those dropped threads gives us a greater sense not just of who we were, but of who we've grown to be: This time around, I recognized — and resisted — the lure of the old flame, and found that a true friendship could grow even stronger through years of separation. What I will learn from Darcy remains a mystery. Search with new terms. Perhaps your initial searches were partly or not at all successful.

Hopefully there are some bits of information that you can use for additional searches. Was there a user name that appeared to be affiliated with your friend? Go directly to personal social networks to find your friend. Facebook and LinkedIn are your best bets for such personalized searches, as members of these networks are required to present their actual identities. Enter "Facebook People Search" on Google.

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Click on the Facebook People Search link. On the rightside of the screen, you will be shown a series of search options, some of which will be more relevant to you than others. If you find your friend, click on Add Friend. Type in the name of your long-lost friend's current or former employer into the search bar on LinkedIn. You will be able to access a list of people who currently work or used to work for that employer. Relationship, City, Current Company.

Facebook gives its users privacy options that allows them to receive friend requests only from Friends of Friends. LinkedIn also has options to limit contacts from strangers.

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  • Try more expansive search services. You may run into a dead end using the most popular search services. You then filter your results by location. For a fee, Spokeo will unlock information like social media profiles, photo details, previous addresses, and court and historic records. Intelius provides a similar service. Try a public records search. If you know a state where your friend may have purchased property, or a zip code where they filed for divorce, you may be able to conduct a public records search to find your friend.

    Issue a Trace on WikiWorldBook. This will produce a unique URL result for the person you are looking for which will appear in Search Engine results - you can then harness the power of the web to help find your lost friend or relative. You can find WikiWorldBook at www. Search obituaries. Hopefully your friend is not deceased, but you may want to search obituaries just in case.

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    Method 3. Determine if you know or have means to contact anybody in your long-lost friend's family. This may sound obvious, but you never want to overlook the obvious on a search for a long-lost friend. Talk to mutual friends and acquaintances. Write a list of all the people who knew your long-lost friend.

    Chances are you know some of these people as well. Reach out to them. Even if they don't have your long-lost friend's exact contact information, any tidbits will likely be helpful to you.

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    Target the towns and neighborhoods where your long-lost friend lived. While your instinct may be to rush to the internet, you may have more success by using what you know about your friend offline. Where did you meet each other? What other towns have they lived in? If you know their "old house" and can visit their it, you may have luck knocking on the new owner's door and explaining that you lost touch with your long-lost friend.