No contest divorce in florida

Simplified Divorces are uncontested — but they have certain requirements that can complicate the divorce process. That seems to not make sense — but it is an established fact.

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  • Florida Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorces address a very serious situation and have serious consequences. Mistakes tend to surface years after the case is done, and are very difficult to fix. Aside from a perfect drafted petition, answer to the petition, and supporting documents, you will need a properly drafted marital settlement agreement and good parenting plan. A frequent roadblock is the desire to set child support at a number that does not match legal requirements.

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To address that issue, you will need a Motion to Deviate from Child Support Guidelines, and a legally supportable reason for the deviation. But to truly satisfy the requirements, you must both have a plan for money, debt, parenting time, and division of personal items. The two of you must agree on every single issue. And the uncontested divorce filing must be a complete, properly drafted, all-encompassing set of documents that fulfill all court requirements. Our attorneys have filed a large number of uncontested divorces in Florida. With large numbers comes the experience of addressing just about any possible problem that arises.

That has helped us adjust and tailor our uncontested divorce services to provide fast, low stress resolutions for clients. Ayo and Iken can provide you with a guaranteed flat fee for your uncontested divorce case.

Our consultations are free and we look forward to helping you with this positive step in your life. None of us get married anticipating that in one year, ten years or even thirty years we will have to deal with the devastating fact that our marriage has gone awry. These are only a few of the things that you are going to have to deal with on top of dealing with the fact your marriage is coming to an end. Mr Ayo was my attorney in the case of changing my parenting plan. My situation was very different because I am active duty military out of the state of florida.

He was very aggressive and knowledgeable. He took the right steps at the right time. And like many necessities, it can be most frustrating to spend your money on those things.

Uncontested Divorce in Florida

We save up our money to go on vacation, to fix up the kitchen, or to buy a boat. Lee County also imposes separate fees for cross claims responding to a petition for dissolution of marriage, for example. These fees can add up, especially when they are stacked on top of your base divorce fees. Many people who are concerned about divorce costs ask about the simplified option.

You might qualify for a simplified divorce if:. That is the only way to qualify for a simplified divorce in Florida. Unless you and your spouse meet those nine criteria, you may not file for a simplified divorce. You will have to file a regular petition for dissolution of marriage. A regular dissolution of marriage does not necessitate that your case will go to court. It just means that you will not be able to divorce through this expedited process.

How to File for No Fault Divorce in Florida - State Requirements and Documents

For example, a contested divorce might cost more for spouses with children than spouses with no children. The same might be true of couples who were married for a shorter period of time. However, the majority of courthouses do offer a notary public and will notarize your documents for a fee.

Contested Divorce in Florida

Divorce filing fees are determined by the Florida Statutes. You are required to give your spouse a copy of the filed petition for dissolution of marriage. There are several ways this is achieved:. The divorce hearing is when you and your spouse appear before the judge or mediator after filing for a divorce. Instead, the judge may use it for basic scheduling and explain the family court proceedings.

In Florida divorces, the final judgment is the document that officially marks the end of your marriage.

No Fault Divorce Law in the State of Florida

Also known as the final order of divorce or divorce decree, this document contains all of the various terms of the divorce, including:. The final part of a Florida divorce is for the judge to sign off on it by the way of a final divorce decree. If you and your spouse are unable to reach a divorce settlement agreement — which is typically seen in abusive or toxic situations — a final decree will be signed by the judge that determines the disposition of issues surrounding the children and assets.

The judge will decide the disputed issues based on the evidence presented in court. Once rendered, the final decree typically resolves all outstanding matters and grants the divorce effective the day the decree is signed. Even in this case, a judge must sign off and issue a final judgment decree. However, the judge will incorporate your settlement agreement into your divorce decree through a consent order.

Typically, the divorce decree will state the divorce settlement agreement is attached as an exhibit or will reference both parties have reached a settlement that has been filed with the court. We created How to File for Divorce in Florida [ Checklist] to provide you with a straightforward overview of the process. By providing a guide on how to get a divorce in Florida, you will have a better understanding of what the process entails and what to expect.

Considering the various forms and documentation, filing for a divorce in Florida can be overwhelming. While a simplified dissolution of marriage or uncontested divorce may be relatively straightforward, most divorces revolve around highly contentious items that make the most amicable scenario a far and distant fantasy. In either case, the family law attorneys at Denmon Pearlman will walk you through the process, protect your rights, and work to ensure you receive a fair and equitable divorce settlement.

Uncontested Divorce in Florida

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