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Same for us. Our cabin is in Danbury, NH. Where is yours, Tom? One of our personal tasks was to go thru many boxes of financial papers and memorabilia and decide what could be thrown away.

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We discovered that Dear Old Dad saved every greeting card he ever received! Also all the maps and guide books from trips. And bills from every household transaction e. Actually it was fun. We even found four ski area brochures and he didn't even ski. Now at this point you guys are probably thinking: "Like parent, like child".

Eh, Eh? Well, we have to disagree. Oh sure, WE have saved every trail map, highway map, and guide book we ever touched. And we have paycheck stubs for every job we ever had.

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And we have records of every gallon of gas we've every bought including for some rental cars. But, mark this and mark it well: We do NOT save greeting cards! So, we don't see the similarity at all. In Vegas we rode the "tram" between the Mirage and Treasure Island hotels. One loyal reader reported that the tram was bought from Disney World and was built by Bombardier. We must be talking about two different systems. The reader said he learned this info from the train driver. On two rides, we saw no driver.

This device operates like an elevator. It is a cable car or funicular RR. It doesn't fit the profile of the trains at Disney World, which are monorails. As we entered Nevada from Utah we were startled to see 75 mph speed limit signs. The traffic handled it well. On the west side of Vegas the limit was 70 mph. We figured that was to match a limit of 70 in CA, but there it was still 65!

Of course a posted speed limit between Vegas and Barstow is academic. Everyone drives In the L. Academic there, too as on L. No traffic - 75, moderate traffic - 50, heavy traffic - It works. The speed limit on Interstates in AZ is also At Disneyland we noted that the "People Mover" no longer operates.


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A "cast member" indicated that it is being removed and there are no current plans to replace it or the "skyway" previously removed. Too bad; we found both rides quite relaxing and scenic. We hate to disagree with you kind folks when you take the time to write to us, but here are two letters we had trouble with:. We said no way. Now Stuart admits that it must have been somewhere else.

But he still has this photo of himself circa 63, 64 and his grandparents wearing a sailor suit, Stuart? It opened in and is reasonably close to San Berdoo. There are pine trees and snow at the top. Each gondola car is removed from the cable, somehow dropped down in a pit to the tunnel, placed on another cable thru the tunnel, and then somehow raised back up to the second cable and re- attached. Why do I have trouble believing that?

May 09, 2001

We have read of that but haven't seen it. Yes it is and thanks for asking. It was built in It has stationary animals. Steve remembers that it has a "brass ring" on the inside AND outside. Another really old carousel is located at Watch Hill, RI. FWIW the largest carousel in the U. It has five rows of horses and was formerly located at Riverview Park in Chicago.

Are you trying to hint that our newsletters are too bleeping long, Tom? With all of our negative remarks about "cloverleafs", we should say that they DO work in rural areas. If two Interstates crossed in Iowa does Iowa really need two Interstates? They just don't work in big cities at rush hour.

Suppose you are driving at 65 mph with a Lexus on your tail when you come to your exit - a foot ramp with a stop sign at the end. Nick mentions the Avenue 51 exit. Wouldn't that be avenue 52 or 57? Oh goody, more research and an excuse to go to the library! We were probably overcome with the propaganda put out in L.

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First freeway, First 4 level interchange, and Longest perfectly straight street in the world Western Ave from Hollywood to Torrance - 20 miles. Research reveals that the Pasadena Freeway and the Pennsylvania Turnpike were both opened in However the Merritt Parkway opened in All of them were considered "parkways" so since two were toll and one free, Pasadena may be the first "FREEway".

Turn it over. In black, draw two concentric circles 3 inches and 5 inches in diameter. At the north, east, west, and south points, place two marks, about an inch apart and extending one inch outward. Now you have a traffic circle, or rotary, or roundabout. Note that they cross each other. Now, using red pencil, draw the four left turn lines. Note that they cross each other AND the green lines straight thru routes.

Basically every vehicle has to cross the path of almost every other vehicle. Total chaos!

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Once again, traffic circles work quite well in light traffic situations. In New England they are used when two state highways intersect. But watch out at rush hour.

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They also are used increasingly in suburban "neighborhoods" to slow down traffic, in lieu of stop signs or speed bumps. In New Hampshire we have seen "giant" circles one mile in diameter. The downside is the cost of the land involved in the circle and the fact that the land can't even be accessed.

So what of Vail whose new "roundabout" started this whole discussion!

We have driven it during off hours when it worked just fine. However, ski areas have rush hours just like cities. It's just for our records and ego. Once again, right up front, we want to thank very much the folks who sent us ski area trail maps and brochures. We collect those, too hint, hint.

It's time the WEST saw a little action. We were thinking of maybe doing two states at once, say NM and VT. What do you think? They are apparently shooting for an 8 Oct close which would be a new record for them. OK, We didn't think you would. There will be new skiable acres but that will leave them far short of the leaders in that category. To achieve the rest of the vertical you would have to ride a chair to the top of "Andesite Mtn" and then ski down to the bottom of the "Mad Wolf" chair.

So an asterisk is in order, next to the Vertical Drop stat.