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Cambridge Vagrant Nepheronia thalassina. Deceptive Eggfly Hypolimnas deceptor. Hybrid Wood White Leptosia hybrida. Janetta Themis Forester Euphaedra janetta. Common Commodore Precis pelarga. Light Bush Brown Bicyclus dorothea.

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Blue Pansy Junonia oenone. Brown Pansy Junonia gregorii. Orange Sprite Celaenorrhinus galenas.

Natal Babul Blue Azanus natalensis. Heliconius atthis. Dentate Bush Brown Bicyclus dentatus. Penelope's Acraea Acraea penelope.

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Clio Crescent Erisia clio. Blue Pansy Junonia orithya. Danaid species subfamily Danainae. Ringlet Butterfly Ypthima multistriata. Tongeia hainani. Danaid Eggfly Hypolimnas missipus. Map Butterfly Cyrestis thyodamas. Athyma cama zoroastes. Common Grass-Yellow Eurema hecabe. Small-eyed sphinx Paonias myops.

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Cethosia Butterfly. Sailor Butterfly. Paper Kite Butterflies Idea leuconoe.

A White-Lined Sphinx Moth (aka Hummingbird Moth) Dries Its Wings

Clearwing Satyr Dulcedo polita. White Peacock Anartia jatrophae. Mexican Catonephele Catonephele mexicana.

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Common Checkered-skipper Pyrgus communis. Leafwings Hypna clytemnestra. Blue Metalmark Lasaia agesilas.

White-lined Sphinx Moth, Hyles lineata – Master Gardener Program

Morpho Butterfly Morpho peleides. Malachite Siproeta stelenes. Clearwing Ithomiine Ithomia sp. Gray Cracker Hamadryas februa. Ruddy Daggerwing Marpesia petreus. I agree with the Terms of Service.

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The White-lined Sphinx Moths most often visit nectar flowers in the cool of dawn and dusk. This moth appeared in the late afternoon, fluttering around the blossoms clustered up these Delphinium plants. This particular patch of flowers developed from one plant, self-seeded into hundreds, and attracts many different pollinators. When planting a pollinator garden, it is important to provide ample food sources ranging from early spring to fall frost.

Garden Caterpillar Identification

Larkspur and Delphinium blooms last until the start of the summer blooming flowers. While we sat outdoors, sipping iced tea in the cool shade of the old persimmon tree, the sounds of softly flapping wings floated up from the purplish blue sea of flowers clustered along tall spikes. Pollinators gravitate towards flower blooms with tubular structures that match the length of their proboscis. The moth inserts the long proboscis into the rabbit-head flower bloom, replete with precious nectar; the moth uses this tube-like structure to draw liquid like sucking on a straw.

With an abundance of host and nectar plants, the creatures who dine upon these plants will certainly appear.