Obama to show birth certificate

Because if he can't, if he can't, if he wasn't born in this country, which is a real possibility Trump injected a religious element into the conspiracy, as well, suggesting that he hasn't shown his birth certificate because "maybe it says he's a Muslim. The first discusses her upbringing in Chicago and explores issues of race, class and education. The second recounts her romance and relationship with Barack Obama, and the final section focuses on their lives in politics and under the public eye. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox.

What Donald Trump has said through the years about where President Obama was born

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Sheriff Joe Arapaio says Obama's birth certificate is forged

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Obama Releases His Birth Certificate - HISTORY

Key Points. Former first lady Michelle Obama said she will "never forgive" President Donald Trump for spreading the so-called birther conspiracy about her husband. The conspiracy, which alleged that former President Barack Obama was born outside the U. VIDEO Trump's fight against 'fake news' has been a boon for media companies. Digital Original.

The craziness is that anyone convinced anyone that somehow the short form suddenly wasn't the "proper" form for a black, Muslim, Kenyan, anti-colonialist Manchurian candidate under the control of the Rothchilds and the Tri-Lateral commission. LexHumana: Yes and no.

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Again, he supplied any "proper" paperwork the first time, and then the second time during the campaign. Since then, it's been "why should I have to supply anything more than anyone else would be required too? He should have never released the long form; let them out-crazy each other to irrelevance. Sorry OneAegis, but Democrats are equally capable of engaging in this nonsense.

Again, I think this is an indicator of how polarized American politics has become rather than evidence of the "Democrats are smart, Republicans are morons" meme. Both sides are morons, unfortunately:. The birth certificate issue was always rather silly, but that was the whole problem. The media couldn't tear down Trump's credibility as a politician because he doesn't have any. It was a perfect set-up for a time, but it seems the Obama camp has wised up. Now we can all concentrate on "more important things to do" and what a lousy job Obama's been doing on those things.

Look at Operation Northwoods, thought up back in the '60s.

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It had the approval of the full Joint Chiefs of Staff and was a plan to murder American citizens and blame it on Cuban terrorists. Hell it even mentioned the hijacking of aircraft. Man doesn't change; those things don't happen nowadays not because some in power wouldn't like to, but because it's harder to get away with now. To think that this type of thought process cannot happen in the halls of power is naieve.


Some Republicans Still Think Obama Was Born in Kenya as Trump Resurrects Birther Conspiracy Theory

The neo-con ideology was going to change the entire world for the better; what of 3, lives to get there? It is only a fraction of how many die driving to work each year. Playing devil's advocate here, I am not a Truther. I say it's a brilliant move. I, for one, believe that M. Obama knows full well this won't make the "birhters" disappear, on the contrary. But is it not better to have your political opponents consume themselves with silly issues while you appear concerned with actual problems? The way it goes, come , M.

Obama will look like the only adult in the room.

Or am I a mad conspiracy believer? Of course they won't shut up. For evidence, go look at the comments on the WSJ story about this.

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They see each piece of new evidence as an exciting new challenge to perform mental gymnastics around. Obama made a mistake I think. Firstly, he released the legally valid copy back in - the same copy anyone asking for from Hawaii would be given. By releasing this unusual version, he's almost saying these nuts had a point.

He should have just kept on pointing out that he'd alraedy released a legally valid copy and let the nuts continue to sound ludicrous. I still don't understand why Obama didn't simply provide this form to the public a long, long time ago. Now, because of this delay, conspiracy theorists are going to start claiming the certificate is forged or some other nonsense like that. I'm sorry, but Obama would not have been the first political candidate to fabricate his credentials, placing it well within the realm of possibility obviously such fabrication did not occur. Unless you tell me otherwise, I'm not aware of any case of a sitting president conspiring with Osama bin Laden or some other enemy of the state to murder thousands of Americans.

Now, you can continue insisting that the other side's crazies are crazier than your crazies I'm not a member of either party, so I get to dodge that particular argument , or we can both agree that the strong support for the conspiracy theories in the polls by each party is a rather troubling indicator of the state of American politics. Lexington wrote "I confidently predict that President Obama's decision to publish the long-form version of his birth certificate won't silence the conspiracy theorists.

By releasing the long-form birth certificate, President Obama cannot avoid the issues where are the jobs, Mr. Obama released birth certificate just in time for the next election cycle. Great timing! Might have waited a bit longer, though, but now, courtesy of Trump, in the minds of independents this idiocy is cast in stone.